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short story about my life

This story is about my true life. When I was a baby,child,adult how events did occur. When was a baby i was sexually abused and phyically abused which was so bad. When the child was from a real and adopted father. When an adult was abused by many different men it is hard to explain it. It takes forever to write in detail. Most of my life I've been angry because a lot in my life from abuse and family,homeless,drugs,alcoholism in my life.When I got older in life I learned how to deal with anger but it was hard. Done lot therapy groups, recovery programs. I finally realized that I can be in control when God comes into my life. When you choose to drink drugs it really destroys your life and family and your friends that you care about. Especially money that really destroys what you spend on that habit. I took a lot of years to realize that I can make a difference in myself. I was out of jail throughout years misbehaving by anger. My alcoholism led me right back to jail , no question about it. I believe that both my sons are still angry because of my unexplained behavior throughout the years. Even my husband's family as well because I did a lot of unexplainable things . They couldn't understand my mental health issues. At times I couldn't understand myself. When I drank it, mental health kicked in which is called dual diagnosis . When using alcohol drugs it intensifies the behavior you don't know what you're saying or doing. Really makes violent behavior in an angry mode. Only they could understand me years ago. They think it would be easier to get along with my wild behaviors. If I had God in my life years ago I mean really had him in my life. I would have been saved much earlier. I think a lot of my issues could have been resolved. I have been traumatized through family and homeless and bad friendships and drugs and alcohol. I am still very traumatized by a lot of issues about my real father. I have nightmares at night that are really scary at times and usually keep me mad when I wake up. And some homeless issues trying to protect myself. I had a few family dramatizations that were hard to explain . Icould go in details but writing too hard was the cause of bad situations in my life throughout my years. But now I'm all about staying in recovery , staying busy such as helping others that need help. I will help others if they need help if they are at least trying to help themselves. Now I like to write or mow the grass, even sewing or listening to music or watching tv and also crafts as well. I have my own recovery plan and behavior plan for myselfs. It's like a daily maintenance list plan for my dual diagnosis recovery plan. My mental health and drugs and alcohol plus anger plan and family issue plan for myself. I learned these plans when I went to the centerstone reconnect program and the cross shelter project program. They both saved me flying colors. My meaning of this story is you can change life if you put God in your life and have many support systems that do right in their life. I learned that God is the strongest power and strength. I have experienced it when it is hard when a special power from heaven says do you want to live in evil things or do you want to be forgiven all from your sins ever done; I had a choice to keep living sin or be a God child . I chose God when I got baptized. My new life began for a better life . Only I can keep informed and keep going forward, not backwards. I have learned how to manage anger control, money management and dont need any mental medication to keep calm from anger. I have not taken any of these meds for almost 4 years. I have done great without it. It only made me act out worse . I believe if my husband was here to see the difference in me he would be proud how i progressed well especially in electronics . Well to my ending of this short life story writing this see how many can say i changed for the better.


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