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My thoughts on the songs meaning.
I have heard this song on the radio a few times while driving. I liked the beat, but I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics. I just watched the video for the first time. Wow! The visuals immediately had me thinking this was a great Halloween song.

I played the video a second time with my eyes closed and concentrated only on the lyrics. I was wrong. It’s not a Halloween song at all in my opinion. The lyrics told me this song is about surviving in this world. It is about being as cutthroat as needed to get ahead. You have to be stone cold to survive adversity.

Lyrics like “a beating heart of stone” and “you gotta be so cold” tell you right there to look out for number one – you.

“Living your life cutthroat” tells you not to trust anyone. I think this song is about protecting yourself from the users and abusers’ life sends your way.

“Rather be the hunter than the prey” is a great line and works for me. I like it. I do wonder if the writer(s) are writing from experience.

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