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Government. Its Role. Its Essence.

Government: A Hope

A government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, generally a state. Government is a system of social control under which the right to make laws, and the right to enforce them, is given to a particular group in society. Government power can be held by one individual, a few, or a majority. Government comes in different forms. In the present world governments have many jobs including:
o          Providing for the security of their country.
o          Keeping order.
o          Establishing a system of justice so that people are treated fairly.
o          Providing welfare services to those in need.
o          Regulating the economy.
o          Establishing educational systems etc.
Government is best defined as a place where conflicts are resolved. One of the reasons why government is necessary is because without government we would have chaos. There would be no order and there would be no rules. Rules set the standard and keep things in balance. Furthermore, having rules not only keeps things in balance, but also maintains order within a society. It keeps from rebellions happening and maintains peace. Another reason why government is necessary is because it states the rights that a citizen has.
The government has a major role to play in an economy. This is especially true in a capitalist society. It has the role of ensuring that there is a fair playing ground for all the stakeholders involved in the economical activities. The government determines the amount of cash in the society. It also controls interest rates, inflation, the tax rates through the decision it makes. Thus the government determines the kind of lifestyle its citizens live.
The government also ensures that people are protected and safe as they do their daily activities in businesses. The government protects the public health by ensuring that the businesses provide a safe environment for their workers.
Thus the government should ensure regular inspections are done in business to ensure safety. On the other hand the businesses have a moral obligation to ensure that the workplace is conducive.
The government also has the role of protecting the rights of the individuals. It does this by ensuring that force is not used to control individuals and this ensures that men live peacefully free from the fear of violence.
It is very important that the government and the citizens understand their obligation in order to be moral. Every decision one makes is bound to affect others. This means that there are things that one can or cannot do to others. The government has a moral obligation to protect its citizens for example it should not allow corruption as it leads to running down the economy. On the other hand the citizens should ensure that they do right e.g. paying taxes to avail money to the government to use to protect them.
In conclusion, the government plays a very important role and we cannot do without it. It ensures that there is order in the society by enforcing laws and punishing those who break them. Therefore the members of the society should be willing to obey the laws of the land to ensure peaceful coexistent where every person is free to pursue their needs. On the other hand the government should play its fundamental role of protecting the rights of its citizens.

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