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Coming back to a friendship that would never be the same.
I understand why the Universe doesn’t want us to be friends, like we used to be. I may say we are friends and I may interact with you from time to time, but that is all it can be.
See, I walked away from you a long time ago. Hoping to forget my unanswered desires for you. But as I was gone I had missed you dearly and begged for the Universe to bring you back into my life. Even if in the end, we were just friends. My wishes came true and you came back!
Only to bring another issue in my path.
I’d hope that things would be the same and that maybe you’d allow me to show you my true feelings! The little times spent together I’d question every nice thing you did.
Could you be feeling the same for me?
Silly of me, I know. You were just being a friend.
In time I’d come to realize that nothing would ever be the same. Who I truly missed the most, was the old you. This new you – guarded and cold - was a person I was not interested in getting to know.
We tried, I could tell. But distance ensured the death of whatever was left. I finally learned what it was to be the girl that you had no interest in having around.
Our situation became so bittersweet.
In a sense, the Universe brought you back, only to allow me to see the truth. That it’s time to let go of the old you and to leave you in the past. I know that deep down, the old you – the one I fell for – still exists. Just not for me.
This is the reason why we could never be close friends again. I’d always hope for the old you to return. I know that will never happen. I’m okay with letting you go and keeping you at a distance. Only to check up on you from time to time. And that is the best it will ever be.
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