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My struggles and trauma has made me this way
Look At Me

Written by Jenni Bailey

Hi, I'm Jenni
''Jennifer'' to one too many
As a child
Yes, I was once, mild

But, that all changed
Daddy and I...estranged
Siblings and I...emotionally separated
Stepmother is hated

Now, look at me...

I'm not normal
Nothing about me is formal
I hardly take life serious
But the simple things leave me curious

I'm a daughter
Without a father
I have sinned
I no longer feel Him in the wind

I feel like a sin
Neither good nor evil wins
I find comfort in rainy days
I seek shelter from rays

I'm weird
I'm feared
I'm embraced
I'm replaced

I feel less than
I do my 100 percent
My worth?
Less than my birth

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