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A poem about patience and waiting written at work while bored waiting for orders to drop
Waiting is a test of patience
And a test of self-control
Watching the time on the clock
Is like watching a pot of water
Waiting for it to boil
It always seems to take longer than it should
And lingers like it never will
Waiting takes so long when there is so little to do
When killing time doesn’t kill enough time
Between that which has just ended
And that which has not yet begun
What is worse I wonder
Waiting when there’s work to be done
Or waiting when there’s fun to be had
Or perhaps they are equal
Like watching time and watching water
Patience is necessary to waiting
Even once the waiting is done
There are things that cannot be rushed
Lest mistakes are made
That cause problems down the road
Like missing items and forgotten bags
So I wait with all the patience I can muster
Until a new hour comes
Bringing more to do to pass the time
Until my shift finally ends
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