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by fyn
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My poem, but I 'borrowed' the title from dreamfroggy
The necklace I lost four years ago,
some beer mugs that disappeared,
the TV remote, the dog's winter coat--
I say tis terribly weird!

I wonder if the couch got hungry,
or if we have a sneaky elf?
But things are gone and hubs swears he didn't pawn,
perhaps I should just blame myself!

My mother's ring with varied birthstones,
a paperback, six chapters in,
at least three forks and several corks
have all gone missing--I just can't win!

We tore the cushions off the couch,
moved it away from the wall.
But aside from dust there was just
nothing there at all!

And then we moved the office around,
as we needed to squeeze in another desk.
and there underneath, all piled in a heap
we found a glorious treasure mess!!

All of the missing, all of the lost
was on a shelf in the back!
All squirreled away for a rainy day
by our puppy we should have named Pirate Jack.

We found a sweater I'd thought I'd tossed,
a pile of her toys and well-chewed sticks,
a toe-less slipper, a torn-out zipper
and oddly, some pieces of brick!

Sixteen dollars and forty-six cents,
a screwdriver, a flashlight, and a nail.
Several books were there in the nook
along with a doggy treat pail.

We laughed as we cleaned up the mess,
in the future we would know where to look.
For days she moped, but eventually coped
and then started refilling her secret nook.

The first thing missing was my pillow.
Then my husband's favorite sweater.
My go-to hat was gone after that--
I guess she's going to teach us better!

We retrieved the latest missing items,
blocked off entry to her treasures and trash.
We thought we were smart, but bless her heart,
she just found a new place to store her stash!

My reading glasses are among the missing,
as is his towel and an elk jawbone.
When we find her hoard, where our stuff she's stored,
no more blocking--we'll leave it alone!

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