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They say he is the answer so apparently I need a little more of him
I wish I had a little more Jesus
They say he is the answer to everything
So I guess I need more of him and much less of me
I wish I had a little more Jesus
A better relationship with my Heavenly Father
However I don’t have one with my earthly father so who knows really where to begin
I wish I could have a good relationship with any father you see
I wish I could be anybody but me
Because no one seems to really want me
I wish I had a little more Jesus
Not that that would fix everything however I really need a friend
Isn’t that what dads are suppose to be a friend,a teacher,a protector,a hero
I need a little more Jesus
Someone to run to,cry to,pray to wipe away all my tears
Maybe he doesn’t have to be any of that I just need and want his company
Maybe that’s not happening the way I think it should because I don’t have him like I should
At least that’s what the preacher man say
If you were really good and saved your life won’t be such a mess
Get a clue,grow up,learn a thing or two
Stop blaming God and others for your stupidity
Wish I had a little more Jesus so I could do just that!
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