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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2283227
An ode to grounded birds and airborne wings
Feathered Cages, Nested Hearts

Sparrow hearts, clasped in a cage,
beating out of time;
wingbeats, ribbed, lost on the page,
missed between the lines

Gilded bars, a yellow tinge,
bones laced, thin, rich with gold;
leafed through, painted on the fringe,
the cowardice they hold

Perched on high, left looking back,
at time spent 'neath taxed wings;
burdened by a night drawn black,
thought over... everything

Dreaming as the crow flies, vexed,
where ravens hold the court;
in Rosen tints, hope lies 'tween text,
in nests such magpies wrought

A hoarded sum of shiny parts,
'midst feathers split and pied;
feathered cages, nested hearts,
that's where such wings reside

Birds of feather, flocked together,
ships condemned, apart;
Crossing paths in nights, we weather,
swan songs of the heart

Beating light, with hearts spun, caged,
missed, slipped between the lines;
whilst sparrow wings, erratic, rage,
... lost, low within the rhyme
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