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freestyle brainstorm
Time has gone by since the enslaving of dinosaurs and the fall of Aleppo, 50 generations passed as the sands shifted to reveal a dark shadow crossing the planet of Panga, at last, a bright star come into view before turning into a blazing ball of fire as it streaked along the night sky as it came down around the old city of Jerico. what remained of the city shook from the impact, heat evaporated the water with a sizzling sound that could be heard for miles by all those who lived at the plateau's base as magma rose to the crater floor. Cosmic radiation started to flood the land killing the weak and mutating the genes of the strong, this went on for 100 miles.
The dino's brain grew 3xs the size and their eggs started to be produced in many sizes large eggs created a more intelligent dino, and medium created a mutated evolution. Humans who didn't die developed special abilities that later became known as Heka imbued, and that had many different ways of effects.50 more generations go by and the Irregular styles for teachers convinced the Intelligent dinos and the muted breeds who were smaller than their cousins that the gods-guided humans had to be destroyed for them to grow beyond what they were now as they disappeared into the jungle brush.
Yecta was walking thru his fields with the cool earth on his feet and cold water over them as he crossed the four streams of his papyrus tree land. The land was on raised cliffs that the west stream feed into the neolithic canyons, where dark shadows moved on the ground as pterodactyls flew overhead, with every flap causing the humans below to shudder and run in fear. when Yecta turned to check the problem he heard unison foot-steps of Velk-vens

"My lord, reports from the scouts. We have encountered the dinos but they have a group of smaller ones with them that look like a cross between us and them, your orders?"

" have the scribes watch them and collect data, let them name them then bring me the reports" Yect exclaimed

It was at this time the war of Isfet became real to those who thought the scouts were crazy from exhaustion.
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