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Sorry? Fun note! - "Sorry?" is too short a description, thus this extra blah, blah, blah.
You are not unique.
Don’t take it personally, nobody is unique.
Nothing is unique.
You see, the universe is infinite, it has no end.
“It has an end,” you say.
“Where, or how,” I reply. “With a wall of bricks?”

And since the universe has no end, the possibilities are infinite.
Everything is not only possible, or even probable, it is certain.

Anyway, this all means that you are not unique.
In fact, there are many of you.
Hundreds of you, thousands of you.
They are exactly like you.
They look like you, they think like you.
They have the same name as you.
They have the same taste in music as you,
and the same birthday as you.
Their bodies contain the same number of molecules as yours.
They dream the same dreams as you.

Actually, there aren’t hundreds or thousands of you.
There are an infinite number of you.

There are yous out there right now,
Reading this poem.
(“Poem?,” you scoff. “This thing doesn’t even rhyme.”)
Thinking the same thing you are thinking,
Which most likely is, “This poem is idiotic.”

There are an infinite number of yous.
Reading this poem and thinking the same thing as you.
Right at the same moment as you are.

Again, I know what you’re thinking.
While you don’t believe there are an infinite number of yous,
You do firmly believe one thing I’ve stated.
This poem is idiotic.
Anyone, whether it’s another me or not, would think that.
If there is even one person, much less an infinite number of me’s
Reading this inane dross, I feel sorry for them.

Lucky for you, all other things, unlike the universe, do have an end.

Take this poem for instance.
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