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Ultimate Comfort Food for Writing com

Ultimate Comfort foods

Chocolate ice cream
Midnight munchies
Soda pop and chips

Burgers and fries
Pizza and beer
Red wine too
Some rum as well

And coffee
Glorious coffee
In the morning after.

These are the ultimate comfort foods
Whenever one gets
in the mood.

providing solace to our souls
food for our bellies
subsistence for our life.

Pure decadent comfort food
Providing a little joy
And happiness
in these dark and terrible times
we find ourselves living in.

Some food for thought? I may be cherry picking, but I feel today's prompt is a real hot potato. I hope it is something you can stomach and it won't drive you to drink. Not getting hungry, yet? I am. I'm getting hungry to read your entry into the contest.

Write a story or poem about the healing properties of comfort food, featuring food as the genre.
Include the following words in bold

ice cream

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