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Sometimes I believe we can learn from nature how much God valued us -- mankind!
Something to consider

The sun does not need to remind God to rise in the mornings or to set at night
The trees never have to come together to remind God that they need water to live and thrive
The birds do not ever seem to doubt that there will be a wind to take them south
The flowers seem not to give it a thought when it is time to come forth and bloom
When we look around at all that God has made, only man was given the power to pray
Some might think, with all this said, why do we have to pray?
My answer is simple because God made man differently
Of all the things God created, He only made man in His image
Of all the things God created, He only asked man to give Him praise
Of all the things God created, He only promised man eternal life
Of all the things God created, only man brought sin into the world
Of all the things God created, He only had to return to earth to save man!
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