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An story about why 12 individuals shouldn’t be worn out by all others, then thrown away.
There was once another Earth that existed near by our current Earth. It’s this current Earth’s moon. There were 12 individuals that the rulers of the old Earth that became the moon helped keep it from being destroyed by other entities and evil influences that over time destroyed the old Earth. The reason that happened to the old Earth is because the rulers of the old Earth wore out, used and abused the 12 individuals that helped keep it from being destroyed. The rulers made a mockery of the 12 laughing at them, belittling, torturing, abusing and bullied the 12, causing the 12 to become destroyed. This is once again happening on the current Earth. The ruler said it’s because he can. A different ruler before him said let’s wear them all out and laughed. The rulers once again are doing this on the current Earth. This is a warning. This message is important. Good luck to any who read this on your current Earth. If something isn’t done about this being done to the 12 true ones, then there will be a worldwide destruction of your current Earth, once again and it will be nothing but ash and dust, just like the moon is, again. Without the 12, any evil influences will ultimately take over the current Earth and will cause your ultimate destruction again. The rulers are once again not thinking correctly and aren’t making good decisions and this is not at all funny. I can relay this message, I’ve now been discarded anyway. Good luck to the other 11 if you still remain. I will be thrown out of society soon. And I have no survival skills. I’ll find a way to continue on though.
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