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by Naomi
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Silence Is My Best Friend
Those who were born between 1950 t0 1980 possibly know or love the song "Sound Of Silence". I love it too.

I heard it over the Radio this afternoon thus it inspires me to write about this best friend of mine, SILENCE.

Silence offers me the answers I need.
It gives me clarity to make my best forward movement, a sure guidance.

It is in SILENCE that I love myself more, I know myself more. It gives me great comfort as I get in touch with my spiritual essence, giving me the most
nourishing power more than words can say.

SILENCE heals my wounded spirit. It allows me to grow, to determine my actions toward goals that need to be reached, dreams that need to be realized.

SILENCE gives me the strength to keep living with faith in my heart.
Thank You DEAR GOD for the gift of

As I this and write the words :
Goodnight Everyone, may I sing to all of you a part of the song I truly love.
You may sing with me and enjoy the rhythm of this fulfilling moment.
"Hello darkness my old friend, I come to speak with you again...and the vision softly creeping still remains,
remains the Sound of SILENCE.."

Sweet Dreams To One And All...

October 19, 2020
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