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Welcome to Sam's Place for Express it Eight

Welcome to Sam's Place Your Halfway Home for the Next 12 Months

         You are here because the state of California is giving you a second chance. For the next 12 months this will be your home, and best of all, it is rent-free. You will follow the rules or else,we will send you back to prison, at the end of the year you can opt to stay another year or move out to your own place. The maximum stay is five years.

         So pay attention and follow the rules

1 Keep your room neat and tidy -at all times there will be daily inspections at 6 am.
2. Don’t touch other people’s stuff, no stealing of course, or “borrowing without permission.”.
3. Quiet hours are from 11 pm to 6 am.
4. Everyone will have daily house chores to do. Including making and serving meals, working in the laundry, or the library, gardening, and general maintenance. The jobs will be posted daily at breakfast, and most of you will work in two to four-person teams for up to three hours – with pay of course.
5. If you make a mess in the kitchen or toilet, clean it up.
6. If you take the last cup of coffee, make a fresh pot.
7. Don’t mix the decaf and regular coffee when making coffee.
8. No gambling of any type allowed.
9, No porno allowed -we will be monitoring your internet usage.
10. No visiting extremist political groups online.
11. No use of curse words or abusive words or violent rhetoric.
12. No sex without consent, gay and lesbian sex is okay.
13. No drugs, we will test you randomly.
14. Beer and wine are allowed, but drunken behavior is not allowed.
15. No smoking in the house..
16. This is a co-ed facility, so gentlemen, behave properly towards your
Sisters in the house.
17. No nudity in the hallways or public corridors.
18, Meals are from 6 am to 8 am, 11 to 1 pm, and 6 to 8 pm. Pack lunches are available, pick it up at breakfast.
19. Everyone here will be either working, or going to school, or both.
20. Everyone will be encouraged to participate in daily yoga and meditation sessions.
21. Religious services will be provided = attendance is optional.
22. Everyone will have access to individual television programming in their rooms.
23. Everyone will be encouraged to join the gym and fitness center.
24. Everyone will check in with their probation officer once a week during their weekly visits to the site.
25. Finally, we hope that you will enjoy your stay and become a stronger, more resilient, better person after your stay with us at Sam’s place.

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