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In honor of Halloween, here is this charming fantasy story...
So many years ago, on a Halloween night, a little boy's life was taken so suddenly; ever since that tragic time, his mother would advocate against such a tragedy, and to urge parents not to let their children go out on Halloween night…

However, it was on that certain Halloween night that a little girl and her teenage brother were out on the streets; it was a night for trick-or-treating, and the little girl's brother had been tagging his sister along all throughout the night as she begged, "Trick or treat!" to get candy.

When the night was finally over, the little girl and her teen brother were just about to walk home when all of a sudden, a ghost appeared! The siblings were quite frightened, alright, but when the ghost formed into the little boy who was tragically killed all of those many Halloweens ago, the little girl and her teen brother suddenly were not scared but surprised; where is this ghost come from, they thought, and how did he ever get to be this way?

Then the little boy's ghost began leading the two kids somewhere, and the siblings followed him; they followed the ghost all around the town when what they should really be doing was getting back home!

Finally, the little boy ghost led the little girl and her teenage brother to the mother of that dead little boy; the ghost told the both of them to be quiet and watch as he began hugging his mother with all of his might, while whispering to his mother that he loves her so. The little girl and her older brother just could not say a word but watched with amazement and sadness simultaneously.

A while later, the little boy ghost led the little girl and her teen brother back home; however, they did not tell their parents about the most incredible thing they had ever seen, the ghost of a long-dead child hugging his mother.
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