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The many facets of a cat
The green eyes flick around
In the vast dark forest, the drips of water fall
She is only a speck
But the only cat, curled in a ball

Still, peaceful, and waiting
Like a statue, the cat doesn't move a muscle
Waiting for something to happen

The green grass blows
Bounding along to the beat
The clicking she makes when she sees a bird fly
The stream gurgles against the script

Up in a tree
The bird nest in which the cat sees
1 baby, 0 parents
It doesn't add up

The cat sees many rats
Crawling up the rocky hill
But instead goes for the 1 small mouse
That is gnawing on a sunflower seed

Looking into the flowing lake
The cat sees not a domestic pet
But a wild, untamed beast
that roars like a lion

Her paw slips
She is falling, but not afraid
For she gracefully moves her paws downward
And lands back on her feet

The feel of dew
The sound of pitter patter
and the wetness of rain
Bolting to a hollow, to cleanse the wet fur

Looking out across a barren lot
She sees a face familiar to her own
The features similar, calling out
Longing to meet

The flowers whisper
Birds pass secret songs
The creatures fear the creeping cat
Who patrols the shrubbery down

Flying from rock to rock
With leaps of a dozen skylengths
Seeming to glide along
The spirits of the feline carrying her

It is the sunny season
The golden orb gleaming
Curled, adrift on dreams
The twitch of the nose, the soft pelt warmed by the sun

Across the ocean
The never ending expanse
You see a shadow on the sun
Of a single cat, watching over the world
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