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What Halloween means for me?
         The days are getting numbered and the day the veil is thin is getting closer. I never knew how to tell if this was accurate until recently. A few years ago I was invited to my very first paranormal investigation. I was nervous and scared and also excited. Mainly because I was getting the chance to meet and idolize a group of people that had got me into learning about paranormal investigations and the equipment. Let me back up a little. I had my first spiritual encounter when I was 14 at my grandfather's funeral. Ever since then I have always known that there was something else out there. I don't mean aliens. Now that you need to show me proof!!! I have always had the saying that I would rather see a real spirit than watching the 3 billion dollar movie franchise made whatever. The thrill lies in that first piece of EVP (electric voice phenomenon) or that simple orb you get in the pictures! This is always my favorite with paranormal investigations but as I started to discover myself I started to learn more things about the supernatural. I started learning how to use tarot cards and learning to use crystals as protection. Right now it is October 22 and I'm noticing when I'm at work I happen to catch a spirit orb in my bedroom every now and then. This made me realize how much the veil is thinning and what it exactly means. For me it means I get to have one more meal with both of my grandfathers which yes makes me sad but makes me feel a little happy. It might seem silly but for me, I always leave a plate and silverware out so that way my passed loved ones can have just that one more meal I wish to have with them.
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