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Partying late isn't recommended
Waking up is hard
Especially when it is rude *Angry*
I'd rather cover my head
The words I utter are crude #!?*#

I stumble into the bathroom *Yawn*
Starting out the day
I stayed up late last night
Now the piper's come for pay *Coins*

Coffee! Where's my coffee? *CoffeeBl*
I wonder out loud
There better be some made
Or murder's to be allowed *Knife*

Getting ready for the day *Sneaker1* *Sneaker1*
I am almost there
I should have slept last night *Sleeping*
But then I didn't care

Grabbing at my keys
I let myself out the door *Door*
This day's gonna be tough
Coffee needs to even the score *MugY*

Line count:20
Written 10/25/22 For Writer's Cramp

"Grumpy Beginnings"
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