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Grumpy Beginning Writers’ Cramp
Grumpy Beginning Writers’ Cramp

Big Daddy had a rough morning
Was in a grumpy mood
Nursing a hangover
Too many drinks the night before
And the night before that as well

He went out to his bar
The Cosmos Bar
Opened it for the early drinkers

Greeted his workers
Turned on the coffee pot
Contemplating the day

Wondering what more could go wrong
"The day was still early."
His partner in crime Kuhn Lek
Reminded him with s smile

Drinking his coffee
Looking at his endless to-do list
Contemplating yet again
How the hell he had ended up
Running a bar in Thailand?

Finally, put down his coffee
Decided there was only one thing to do
Vowing he would quit drinking someday
But that day was not yet there

Following the advice of Mark Twain
That the only cure for a hangover
Was to keep drinking,
Start drinking the day away

Soon his grumpy mood dissipated
And he thought perhaps
It would be a good day
Despite the grumpy beginning.

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