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Pushing buttons wreaks havoc & chaos.
Chris heard the familiar ‘sppffft” sound and shouted. “I told you not to touch anything!”, as she disappeared into the inky darkness. It happened instantly, one second she was in her kitchen, and the next she was here. She just stood a minute trying to get her eyes adjusted to the darkness.

There was nothing, not a sliver of light to be seen however the stench of body fluids assaulted her nose. With outstretched arms she tried to feel her way to a door or light switch. Her hands touched a jelly substance so she immediately pulled them back. She could only imagine the sludge that crept up between her toes and “sppffft” the popping, sucking sound immediately transmitted her to another location.

“OUCH! STOP PUSHING BUTTONS!!” She yelled. Her feet landed on sharpness; tacks, Legos, nails, things that poked and pricked the bottom of her feet. Again she stood, trying not to move. She was so glad to hear the …”sppffft” again.

For an instant she was back at her kitchen sink..”sppffft”

“OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” She yelled.. She was lying on a hard surface, lifting her arms to feel around her, there was limited room. Trying to sit up she hit her head and wondered if she had been buried alive. She was thankful when she heard the …”sppffft”

When Chris realized she was back in her kitchen she ran around the corner yelling. “DO NOT PUSH ANOTHER BUTTON! I’ve told you many times not to push these buttons.” She said sternly to the wide eyed little girl looking up at her. “This does bad things to mommy.”

“How does it work?” asked the little girl.

“Still trying to figure that out.” She answered, moving the little girl away from the contraption.


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