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Sam Adams Encounters the Cosmic Cat

Sam Adams Encounters the Cosmic Cat

         Sam Adams was a cat lover. The cat that he would always remember was the cat he dubbed the “Cosmic Cat from Berkeley”. He met the Cosmic Cat in 2000 when he was in Berkeley visiting his mother while on leave from the Foreign Service taking a few weeks off between assignments.

         During his visit, every morning a black cat, the cosmic cat, was waiting outside his childhood home waiting for him. Sam started talking to the cat and realized that the cat was more than just a simple cat, the cat had the spirit of the divine within him, looking at Sam with soulful’ s black diamond eyes boring into his very soul. Sam started telling the cat everything. Including his fears about his mom losing her mind to the ravages of age and Alzheimer’s. The cosmic cat was a big comfort to Sam as the cat seemed to know what Sam was going through

         Every morning, he woke up did his yoga had a cup of coffee, and went and saw the cosmic cat waiting for him. Sam look forward to his daily talks with the cosmic cat and over the next few weeks, the cosmic cat was his constant companion comforting him in his hour of need. Sam knew the cosmic cat was in tune with the divine. Sometimes, when he walked outside he saw waiting for him, looking at him as if he was some kind of Buddha cat, deep in meditation. Sam fell in love with the cosmic cat, who returned the love. One day, the cat sensed it was time to say goodbye, smiled, and disappeared like the Cheshire cat from “Alice In Wonderland”

         He told his mother that there was a cosmic cat in the neighborhood. His mother said,

         “Yes, I know about the cosmic cat. He has been visiting me. I know that the cosmic cat was eagerly waiting for you to provide you with comfort in our hour of need.”

Sam Adams went outside and told the Cosmic Cat about his conversation with his mother. The cosmic cat said,

         “Don’t worry. I will move in and take care of your mother for you, and keep her company.”
Sam Adams went inside and brought the Cosmic Cat with him. His mother was delighted to see the Cat and fed him and the cat became her constant companion as her life drew to a close. When they had to put her in a nursing home, they arranged for the Cosmic Cat to stay with his mother, and he was there until the day she moved on to the next world. Sam saw him there the day his mother died. The cat smiled and said,

         “My work here is done.” And disappeared from view but not from his heart.

         That was the last conversation he had with his Mother.

         Based on a new true story

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, October 29, is National Cat Day. Write a story or poem about a feral cat who becomes domesticated and turns into a good kitty.

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