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wild kitty becomes family pet
Looking out my window,
what do I see? *EyesRight*
a tiny black bundle
high up in a tree. *TreeCypress*

I go to rescue the kitten;
and much to my surprise, *Shock2*
I got teeth and claws as a thank you *Irritated*
It's hissing, my attempts defy.

I finally rescued the fur ball *Cat*
For in the tree she was stuck;
It took a little patience,
and a lot of gosh-darned luck. *Shamrock*

Time and persistence - *Watch*
and a lot of tasty food
Swung around her temper,
which slowly improved her mood. *Smile*

Our little Midnight
Isn't so little any more *PawPrints*
She's our sweet angel,
And no longer at war. *Swords*

Line Count: 20

Written 10/28/2022

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, October 29, is National Cat Day. Write a story or poem about a feral cat who becomes domesticated and turns into a good kitty.
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