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Are all witches bad or are humans or is it mostly ones perception
Every since Brook could remember she has lived in the deepest darkest part of the Amazon jungle. In a rundown 3 room cabin. The main room had a flying broom in the corner and in the fireplace a cauldron. In the middle of the room a big black table that sits ten. Yes Brooks mom was a witch however not your typical witch. She always encouraged Brook to find her own way in the world and to be her own woman. She did however let her know if she chose not to follow in her family’s footsteps she would have to leave and never return. She had to make up her mind by next birthday. The witches would not tolerate a non-witch in their company it just wasn’t done.

Brook was so confused training to be a witch was all she knew . What if however her destiny was not to be a witch or what if it was this was so confusing. She had heard so much about the mortal world and one of her mothers sisters was half mortal. That sister was kind of an outcast however she had spent sometime in the human world and she didn’t seem so bad. The witches however talked about humans like they were some kind of lower life form. They said they were rude and nasty with a history of burning witches at the stake. However not all of them were that way were they ? Witches we’re also not saints ,burning down human villages and what not however they were witches.Brooks answer came six weeks before her birthday . She met a handsome man on the edge of the rainforest hunting. They started talking then hanging out and fell in love. Brooks decision was made no not all humans were bad.

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