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Beware of the black car!
At a fair I saw
An unusual booth
It struck me as odd
If I were to tell the truth *Think*

An abandoned ladder stood
Along side of the stall
Black paint splattered everywhere *PaintBl*
Up and down the walls

An evil painter conjured this -
A nightmare come true
I stood there helplessly
Not knowing what to do *Shock2*

Coming to myself
I left in quite the rush;
I wanted no part of this
Devil with a brush *Devil*

To the parking lot I fled
Looking to go home *Cabin*
A black car pulled up-
Completely dark with no chrome

Curiosity got the better of me
I looked in to enquire *EyesLeft*
"Buddy," he said,
"Help me with a spare tire?"

That's the last time
I was to help someone out
It was "the painter" who did me in
Of that there is no doubt. *Coffin*

Line Count: 28

Prompt words for Writer's Cramp Oct 30, 2022:

black car *BoxCheck*
evil painter *BoxCheck*
nightmare come true *BoxCheck*
spare tire *BoxCheck*
abandoned ladder *BoxCheck*
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