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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Holiday · #2284248
Trick or Treat
Pumpkin Alley

A ride down Pumpkin Alley,
an annual refrain;
through ridges, peaks and valleys,
the memories remain

Pumpkins line the highways,
the ways our motors run;
carved in orange, flesh flayed,
hollowed out and won

Byways where our hearts burn,
litup bright inside;
dreamers dance as dreams turn,
behind our grins, we hide

Residing in the shadows,
the hollows carved within;
where tricks unsprung, trapped, lay low,
beneath where treats begin

In trenches long and narrow,
we reap the seeds we sow;
in fields, farmed and furrowed,
such pumpkins flourish grow

Sculpted in the mists of time,
seeds planted, harvests picked;
faces lost, forgotten... pined,
carved in place to stick

Lodged in sentence, lost in rhyme,
a day stretched out and drawn;
a night where demons sing in time,
with angels till the dawn

Felled with pumpkins in a line,
a sacrificial yield;
a chorus sung, adrift in time,
'midst rustic leaves, in furrowed fields

Another year, another night,
another season falls;
by Jack-o'-lantern's fading light,
... Pumpkin Alley calls
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