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by Naomi
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The Very Precious Today

Today, is a new day. This day will be filled with never-ending variety of
wonderful experiences which will expand my joy of living, making me aware of how great it is to be me

I view today with expanding gladness and freedom, detaching myself from yesterday, focus on a new vision, as well as dreaming new dreams.

Today, I have patience , calmness of
spirit and perseverance to envision change as a beautiful pearl. A change for the better, a change for the best,
giving myself permission to enjoy life simply because I deserve it.

Today, I view life with realism and to live by the Serenity Prayer for me to
possess the wisdom which I need to accept and that which I can change. I must view the situations Today with reality so I am being grounded in truth.

Today, I cherish my very own indivi'
duality and respect the individuality of others. Today, I greet the day wearing
a smile, confident that I am needed and able to make a contribution, for
me to discover that the day holds great promise.

Today, offers me all that I desire.
As of this very moment I can trust that Happiness is my birthright as well as Winning too.

Today, is for me to sing the conclusion lyrics of a beautiful song that I always love.
" Today is the moment and Now is my glory, who knows what tomorrow
shall bring. "

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