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What I’ve learned from reading fanfiction. I Write: Decade Edition. 3rd round, week 9.

I’ve been having trouble writing fiction lately. For me, that means How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction. Since I have no story, I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned from reading fanfiction.

*AsteriskG* Running across a word I must look up, such as rubious, is a pleasant surprise. Finding words like rubious in chapters two, four, five, and eight means the author is trying too hard.

*AsteriskG* If given a choice between reading something ridiculous and something with ongoing grammar and punctuation problems, I’ll take ridiculous.

*AsteriskG* Authors inserting remarks in the story, such as “I love this character,” annoy me. Stick to the point.

*AsteriskG* The quality of the story is more important than the word count. Posting something, no matter what is more important than quality.

*AsteriskG* The rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling matter. Each new speaker needs a separate paragraph has become my mantra. Also, homonyms trip up a lot of people.

*AsteriskG* The word “lemon,” as a term for sexual activity, is archaic. Everyone knows to use “smut.” Neither word is precise and can range from a peck on the cheek to X-rated content. I prefer “lemon.”

*AsteriskG* Quality will vary, but there are wonderful fics out there. Consider it a treasure hunt.

*AsteriskG* are some things I can’t read. Unfortunately, I learned this from reading them.

*AsteriskG* If your characters are going to change, give them time to do it. Going from weaker than a wet noodle to a great warrior with muscles on her muscles is unrealistic. Have a reason for the change.

*AsteriskG* Limit offering reasons such as witchcraft, wizardly, evil supernatural creatures, ancient relics, or hidden methods only the character can access. Make any use of these valid, not a way to prop up your story.

*AsteriskG* Be kind.

As a bonus:

*AsteriskG* My Immortal is considered one of the worst fanfics out there. The reputation is earned. I didn’t make it through the first chapter before I wanted to bleach my brain. Do not read it.

Thanks for reading, Whiskers*Cat2*
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