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Some of us must forever be reconstructing
You take me and rape me.
Remove all of my securities and confidence
Rip away at everything that holds me together inside
You take the vulnerable parts of me and leave me
Naked and exposed
Like a broken mannequin.

Left to rot outside in a snowstorm
Just discarded pieces of me everywhere.
Left to be picked up and examined by strangers
They pick away at old wounds and scabs
Taking delight in the deconstruction
The dismantling of another human being

Am I human anymore?
I'm not even sure myself.
I float like a ghost
Beyond this world,
But still within it.

Looking at my shattered pieces
They keep getting ground up more and more
Until they become nothing more
Just rough grains of sand waiting
To be soothed and smoothed by ocean waves.

Cold salty caresses gently crash upon the shore
Stinging re-opened wounds mercilessly and without end.
For what purpose?
I may never know.
I may never be whole again.

So many pieces lost in the ocean
I become like a paper filter and have no real physical strength left.
I float just under the surface as the current disperses me
Throughout an endless ocean.
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