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her own way of looking at life.
Jennifer came back home at the regular time from office, she put her bag down and made herself some tea.
while the tea boiled , she went off to the window to look at the big bad world out there made up of false people and false faces.
It had been almost a month since she had been verbally abused and left alone by someone she loved like crazy.
big deal ! she had thought and got back to work and life almost instantly. But the thoughts refused to go.
'When people leave you'why don't they take away their memories too so you can breathe again?" she thought to herself.
people fight for pets,gifts and all the bloody shit that they have either shared or gifted but no one wants the memories that they left behind.
She tried concentrating on the tea again.
life wasn't easy for a single soul in this big city. Every attempt at deleting the past was futile.
she thought of going for a walk as the house again reminded her of old painful conversations.
she went to a park close by.The park was relatively quiet.
A woman in her late 30's was sitting on a bench as her daughter played around .jennifer sat on the other side of the bench as they exchanged smiles.
"Do you come here often ?" asked the lady. Jennifer was dying for a talk with someone to get out of her thoughts.She instantly replied "No.I was feeling low at home and there is no one to speak to either. Therefore I came here.
The lady replied ,"I lost my husband last week. I may not have anyone at home either but the beautiful memories that he left behind are the only reason for going on in life ".
Jennifer exchanged smiles with her as she left the park.
She thought to herself "Thank god ! people cannot take away your memories away from you.They could be good or bad but they are a lesson for life ".
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