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Introduction of a character
Hi! My name is Helen Fountain. I live in the city of Resin Hill. It’s far in the north, about 2 hours north from Alquitran.
At the moment I’m married for the second time. My husband’s name is Douglas.
I am a teacher in Red Deal Elementary School. My main subject is English. Teaching English from August to May brings bread to the table, but I can’t forget those years I spent teaching needlework for children from June 1st to August 31st. Youngest of them were four-graders and oldest were six-graders. Of course I couldn’t actually teach them entrelac or lace or anything like that. I taught them garter stitch and rib. Stockinette was on my list too. Some of them were very smart and learned fast, so that I had to calm them from rushing into things. To keep them from getting bored I taught them moss stitch, the most beautiful knitting pattern I know. I warned them it was very error-sensitive, and they sure noticed soon enough I was right.
My biggest pride is a baby blanket I knitted for my friend, who got a baby boy. I knitted almost whole blanket in moss stitch, and I had luck on my side. As far as I could see, the blanket had no mistakes. I was proud I could give the blanket to the new owner and I made it with good conscience.
Other times I’ve knitted scarves with basketweave stitch, and those are among my moments of pride as well.
I also have a basketweave blanket pattern, which I’ve used in many occasions, when the families of my friends have grown.
Other than work my life has been complicated. I don’t know exactly why things are like this, but my father seems to have decided turn down every boyfriend I ever introduce to him. My younger sister’s boyfriend got Dad’s approval almost after the first handshake, same as my stepbrother’s girlfriend, but all the son-in-law candidates I’ve brought home Dad has turned down. I really don’t know why. I don’t know if Dad knows either. Have my grandparents turned his daughter-in-law candidates down and he has learned it from them? I can’t ask what Mom would think about those son-in-law candidates. She’s dead. She died, when I was less than 5 years old. I may have some foggy memories of Mom, but I don’t trust them at all. Later I’ve seen pictures of dark-haired woman in white frame. Dad has said it’s Mom and that her name was Alice Helen Garner before she married Dad. It’s obvious I got my first name from Mom. Mom’s middle name became my first name. My own middle name is Dorothy. I don’t know where it comes from. There’s not one single Dorothy in our family, as much as I know. I don’t know, where my sister Crystal’s name came from, but it’s beautiful too. If I ever have a daughter, I’ll do the same with her Mom did with me, and name her Dorothy.

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