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The story about a boy with a hairy problem.
         This is a true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine. Jerry seemed like your typical high school boy. However, the thing that made him stand out was the fact that he was always wearing a hat. It didn't matter where he was or what the weather was like, he always wore a hat, even in layers. He was persistent in making sure nobody saw what was under it. Everyone that was familiar with Jerry had their theories about why he was so attached to it, maybe he was hiding an exposed brain, maybe he was hiding a second face under there, maybe it was just plain stuck, nobody knew. However, the real reason was because when he turned fourteen, he was already going bald. He was so embarrassed about it, he persistently kept his hat on like it was superglued to his scalp when he was out in public.
         With his problem, it came to no surprise that Jerry didn't have faith in finding love, but he did have his eye on one girl. Her name was Prudence and, despite being very overweight, she was the target of half the guys at school. They didn't exactly care for her as a person, in fact, not a lot of them would want to date a snarky girl that was so fat, laughing makes her winded. To them, the only attractive thing about her was that she was extremely rich. Like "yacht in a swimming pool" rich. She was no fool, though, she could smell the greed coming off of them. Jerry was the only one that liked her hefty frame and her sassy attitude. But, he didn't think he'd ever have a chance with her, especially since no one knew what she liked in a guy. Yeah, Jerry didn't think he had even a sliver of a chance of going out with her. However, one day, Prudence came up to him and spoke to him. She asked him if he was interested in going to the dance with her on Friday, which really surprised Jerry very much. He was shaking like a blender as he worked up the power to reply "I-I-I'd b-be de-elighte-e-ed!" Prudence was glad as she said she'll see him at five. Jerry was excited for this until she added "Oh, and leave the hat at home. I want to see your head." That made Jerry particularly nervous.
         The night of the dance had come and Jerry was hardly looking forward to it. He was brushing what little hair he had as he thought what Prudence would think if she saw him looking like a middle age man without his hat when he had an idea. He asked his dad if he could borrow his toupee, which he only wore to executive dinners. His dad let him and was surprised that it actually blended with Jerry's hair even better. You wouldn't even know it was fake if you looked at him. Just as he was all set for his date with the girl of his dreams, he heard a ring of the doorbell and answered it. At the door stood Prudence, looking very ravishing. However, she looked up to Jerry's head and seemed a little disappointed and said "Well, let's get this over with." Jerry was concerned as they walked towards Prudence's limo.
         At the dance, almost everyone had been moving to the music while Jerry and Prudence hung around at the refreshments table. It was a bit awkward as they stood there in mostly silence with Jerry making small talk every now and then. Just then, the DJ announced it was time for slow dance, which Jerry figured was his best chance. He figured Prudence would be up for a slow dance, since she didn't need to move so fast. He asked her and she said yes and they came out to the dance floor and began dancing. Jerry gave off a nervous smile as he looked at Prudence, who actually seemed to be enjoying it. Just then, Jerry felt his dad's toupee started moving then flew off his head, making Jerry panic while Prudence just watched as Jerry chased after the airborne hairpiece, bumping into everone in his path. He had plowed through the whole dancefloor by the time he grabbed the toupee and found moths flying out of it. Apparently, a moth had nested in the hairpiece and the babies had been feeding off it. After looking through the holes in the toupee, he saw that everyone in the dance was looking at him and started laughing. Jerry felt humiliated as he looked down and made his way to the exit till he felt someone grab him. He looked to see with a surprised look on his face that it was Prudence, who made everyone stare in disbelief as she pulled him in, pulled his head down and nuzzled and kissed the hairless spot on top before saying "I love a man with a chrome dome."
         It's a true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine. Thanks to his new girlfriend, Jerry felt more confident letting his baldness be exposed in public. Though, it seems like he may have started a new trend among the boys. There were a lot of shaved heads there.

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