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Price you pay For love

Has your heart ever felt pain
Like it's been run over by a train
The kind that takes your breath away
And makes you wish, it was your last day

Have you ever begged someone to stay
When you knew they left, long before that day
Have you ever felt so cold inside
And begged to never open your eyes
Has your chest ever been split in two
and there was absolutely, nothing you could do

Have you ever been betrayed by your best friend
The person..who promised to love you to the end
Who told you nothing but lies
While looking you straight in your eyes

I used to think someone had to die
To feel that kind of grief inside
But the day you left a hole in my chest
I learned there was more than one kind of death
I guess It's the price I have to pay
For loving the wrong person that way

Only a heart that's been torn in two
Really knows what you're going through
It changes the person that you are
And leaves you with a great big scar
It takes away all your dreams
And leaves you with silent screams
It makes you feel like a stone
Only willing to sit all alone
And I don't think it ever goes away
Because It's still my first and last thought of every day..

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