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Flash fiction - seed, rock, plant prompt =300 words
Hunched over and looking through his magnifying glass, for what seemed like hours, Nathan Smith carefully pulled back the leaves and looked in wondrous glee at the vile plant. The Ogre Deathcap was growing near a rock and was a nasty looking fungi, that the naked eye could barely see. This one was purple and the hair hanging down from the mushroom cap looked like fangs.

“What color does the book say it is?” He shouted at the intern standing behind him.

“Blue, purple or gray.” Jack, the intern, replied lazily. “Why do you want it?” He asked not really paying attention, he kept reading, “the book also reads that the slightly pointed cap emits a slimy, smelly goo that is poisonous. if you touch this monster your skin will turn gray, then a black scale will form and then your skin just flakes away, it literally eats your skin off the bone…” Jack stopped in mid sentence when he turned around.

“The seeds, the seeds can be worth thousands of dollars.” Nathan told him, after happily pulling the fungus from its roots and holding it in his bare hands.

A few days later…

“Flick it.” Dale said.

“I’m not going to flick it, you flick it.” Wade replied.

The two biologists were laying in the prone position studying the oddly shaped fungi that was lying next to the two heaps of bones. Which one flicked it, which one died?

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