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An uplifting poem about the unstoppable force of a fighting spirit.
Like water in a flood, my anxiety is rising.
It started at my toes, and now, it is in my chest.
My heart is being crushed by the pressure;
soon, it will be up to my head-
and I know that my mind is something that I can never get away from.

Like an earthquake, my hands are trembling.
It started with a small vibration, and now, it is cracking the foundation beneath my feet.
My body can’t take the tremors;
soon, I will fall through the cracks of the Earth, and I don’t know how to climb back up.

Like a boxer, adrenaline is coursing through my veins.
It started with a twinge of anger, and now, it is a full-blown rage.
My fists beg me to let them fight;
soon, I will unleash them, and show everyone that I can rise to the occasion.

Even through the overwhelming panic, I will rise up.
I will rise,
and I will win;

Anxiety is no match for the fire within.
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