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Life is a special gift from God.

Life is a gift
Liken to the sun
Given to us for us to shine;
Life is clothed and wrapped
In a gift paper of time.

Character shows up
In the moments you live;
But a life filled with love
Is not about how much you get
But that which you give.

Mankind is susceptible to hurt
And pain;
A great life is wonderful
But is hard to sustain.
Life is more about love
Than wealth and fame;
But it is ok to be rewarded
With much to gain.

Life is full of ridges,
Terrains, and plains.
Life is rough, and hard ...
And may burn like flames;
But is likely to bring
Bountiful fames and gains.

'Hard and rough' but life
Is never a clear-cut path;
Life is at times
Filled with struggles,
Weariness and wrath;
But may be good and cozy
When we take the correct path.
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