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A game with a Blackjack hand, but with twists! And flips are a big part of the process.
Chasket'um is a two-player card game utilizing a standard 52-card deck. Chasket'um is pronounced: Cask-eet-um. The cards are dealt like a Blackjack hand, but only 2 cards are dealt per turn to both players. Then a sort of battle and game of wits ensues!


The layout is the starting of a Blackjack/21 hand; one card face up and one card face down. No more cards are dealt until the next turn, which you will repeat each turn in the same or similar manner (depending on how game mechanics operate) until the whole deck runs out and ends up face up in the discard pile and players count their tallies, the amount of turns they won which is kept up throughout the entire game.

Step 1: Decision

After dealer deals, the non-dealer player gets to choose if they want to keep their face up card upright, or flip it face down and switch the downright card face up. The dealer then makes their choice in the same manner.

Step 2: Gameplay

After a player has made their choice, they cannot decide to swap back; unless it's a one way tie, which then both players switch their respective cards' position (ex: face up to face down) by turning the upright to downright (and vice-versa) with no more than one card turned face up; or if it is a two way tie with both players, neither player scores.

Step 3: Scoring

The player who has the highest face value wins.

Example 1;

Player 1: 2 Up & 10 Down
Player 2: 3 Up & 9 Down

Player 1 decides to turn their 2 face down and their 10 face up.

Player 2 has no chance and folds automatically.

Example 2;

Player 1: 5 Up & 8 Down
Player 2: 5 Up & 7 Down

Both players have to switch and player 1 wins by 1 point.

Example 3;

Player 1: 9 Up & 4 Down
Player 2: 9 Up & 4 Down

Both players start with a 9 and must turn their 4's face up and their 9's face down. Two way tie ends in no player scoring.

Additional Notes

The only things to keep in mind:

1) Ace's are always the highest card and can only be tied by another Ace, not worth any specific amount of points.

2) Jacks, Queens and Kings have no specific amount of points, but are rather a hierarchy untouchable by anything 10's all the way to 2's (the Jacks, Queens and Kings beat all cards below the Aces). Jack is lowest, Queen beats Jack, King beats both Jack and Queen.

3) Anything 2's through 10's are worth their face value in points.

4) Points are only indicators of who wins (whose card has the highest face value) and are not recorded. The only thing recorded is a tally of wins.

So if you understand and enjoy all these instructions, try Chasket'um at your next game night if you want to try something new but don't know what to play!
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