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This poem is about questioning why you're favored when you don't deserve...regaining faith
There were so many times, I asked myself, "why am I still here?"
For a long time, the answer was blindly unclear
I thought, how can someone go through so much pain
To never have relief
To go through half your life enduring so much trauma
So much grief
I couldn't see then how God answered my
Every call
Even seeing all the wrong choices I made
He never let me fall
My reckless, faithless, behavior should have killed me
Many years ago
But God had other plans for me
Never once did I think I had more life to go
My mind no longer congested
My eyes wide open, I am finally seeing
What God was always trying to tell me
It was not for me to understand at that moment
That every obstacle, every hardship that He put me
Through was making me stronger
Stronger, so without fear, I can face ALL unholy opponents

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