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Short story of kindness and the wonderful effect it can have
Robin and OH-WeL

On a low sagging branch of an giant oak tree, sat an Apple Gall entity, named OH-WeL. OH-WeL, like all Apple Gall beings, had been created by a gall wasp. How was this possible? Well, first a gall wasp would gather essence from a living creature, which could be any type of animal, insect, bird, or just about anything that lived, along with pollen collected from various flowers and plants. Second, the wasp would then lay an egg, cover it with what was gathered, onto a newly forming oak leaf. Not just any oak leaf, but on a new leaf from a specific giant oak tree, named Compassion. Thirdly, once the egg had been lain, Compassion would sprout, and gently cover the egg with many more new leaves. The egg sat over many months, slowly forming into an Apple Gall Being. Sometime in the months from May to June, when the time was right, the Apple Gall Being would emerge from under the leaves.

OH-WeL had been created from the essence of several types of birds, an owl, duck, pheasant and peacock, as well as pollen from a sunflower plant. The result being, OH-WeL. OH-WeL looked very different from all the other “bird” type Apple Gall Beings. OH-WeL looked more like an owl with a bad hair day, or better said, a bad “feather” day. It's feathers shot out in all directions from it's body, always giving the impression it had just gone through a wind storm.

When looking at other birds, OH-WeL would always became a little sad. “Why couldn't my feathers be nice and straight or smooth like the others?” Because of these thoughts, it gave OH-WeL a feeling of being so very different from the others, which created a feeling of wanting to be alone, only occasionally visiting, or visited by, a few close friends.

On one particular morning, OH-WeL was having yet another tough day trying to cope with errant feathers pointed in every direction. Normally it wasn't a problem unless OH-WeL thought about flying, then who knew what would happen. Many times when, after trying to take off from the ground, OH-WeL would fall face down and get a mouth full of dirt because of the feathers. “Oh, if only I had feathers like other birds.”, was always OH-WeL's thought.

After another failed take off, and laying on the ground trying to decide what to do, along came Robin. Robin, was a close friend, who happened to also be an Apple Gall Being. Robin had been created from elephant essence, which is where he got his trunk from, and poinsettia pollen. Robin was known throughout the community for being very studious, and always ready to help those in need.

“OH-WeL, my dear friend, it's so good to see you”, said Robin.

“Oh Robin, hello. It's nice to see you too”, replied OH-WeL.

“You look a little troubled, is there something I can help with?”, asked Robin.

“Oh, I don't know. I'm having a bit of trouble with my feathers you see. They seem to have a mind of their own and I'm not quite sure what to do about it.” said OH-WeL.

“Ah, yes, I can see they're not all lined up like the other birds. Would you like me to try and straighten them out?”, asked Robin.

OH-WeL's head shook back and forth, which caused even more feathers to fluff up, and shedding a few to the ground in the process.

“Oh Robin, it will do no good, I have tried everything and nothing seems to work”, said OH-WeL.

Robin was not one to give up, especially when it involved a friend, and so decided they should go see “Romera The Wise”. Romera is the one who has always had answers for each Apple Gall”s questions.

“Come on OH-WeL, why don't we go see Romera, that's where we'll find your solution”, said Robin. OH-WeL nodded in agreement and off they went.


While walking through the ancient forest on there journey to see Romera, they came upon another friend, Lavender. Lavender was a tall and beautiful Apple Gall Being, who always had a smile. Her Wasp gall had gathered not only essence from Lavender, but also that of many other wild flowers. This gave Lavender appearance of a walking bouquet.

Lavender was very surprised to see her two friends and wanted to know where they were going. Robin said they were going to see Romera, and the reason why.

“Oh how wonderful, may I join you?”, asked Lavender. “I know just what to bring!” Sitting on the ground next to Lavender's feet, sat a large colorful bag. Inside was filled with all types of freshly picked flowers. Lavender pulled out, what looked like, a large purple brush.

“Feel this, it's like a brush. All we need to do OH-WeL is brush your feathers. I'm sure Romera would agree”, said Lavender.

The lavender brush, as it was called, was quite large and was indeed very very hard. Robin ran fingers along the “bristles” and cried out, “Ouch, that really hurts Lavender. Are you sure this is such a good idea?”

OH-WeL, who had been watching Robin, decided to touch the lavender brush. “Oh dear, that does hurt! Sweet Lavender, I think this might be better used on someone else, possible someone without feathers. I don't think mine can take this. You are welcome to join us if you like but I think it best to leave the brush here.”

Robin nodded in agreement, “Yes, let's leave the brush here”. And so
the brush was left behind and the trio headed to see Romera.


Walking on the forest path was always very pleasant and calming. The trees were all very tall, as well as, very old. If you listened closely, you could hear the trees speaking with one another while birds and insects fluttered between them, chirping and buzzing.

Along the way, Lavender turned to OH-WeL and asked, “OH-WeL, why do you want to change your feathers? I find them quite lovely.”

OH-WeL responded, “Oh Lavender, you are too kind. My feathers are so difficult, you see, not like other birds. When I look at other birds, all their feathers are nice and smooth.”

“Yes, I can see you may be a little different from other birds, but I like the difference, it makes you, well, you. I would want you no other way.”, said Lavender.

OH-WeL had to think about what Lavender said. OH-WeL had always thought that being a bird meant being and looking a certain way. If Lavender was right, then what OH-WeL thought was not true.

OH-WeL began to say something to Lavender when, the three froze, for they all heard a loud distressful “Chiiiieeerp” coming from a nearby tree. All three travelers wanted to find out what had made this sound and headed in the direction of its source.

There, not far up from the ground, on a low branch, sat a very beautiful bird they all knew very well, Jewel. Jewel was another friend of the trio and it looked like there was trouble. Jewel's gall wasp had used pheasant, duck and pine to create Jewel. Jewel would fly all around gathering trinkets and jewelry found, so that is where the name came from.

“Dear Jewel, whatever has happened to you?”, asked Lavender.

“Chiiiieeerp, my earrings got caught on a branch as I was trying to fly away and now I can't get it off! Chiiiieeerp!”, Jewel replied.

Robin immediately ran to Jewel's aide. With Robin's gentleness and care, the earrings were unwound from the branch, and Jewel was set free. There was a flutter of feather's as Jewel's wings flapped up and down, and suddenly, flight!

“Chiiiieeerp, thank you sooo much my dear friends, if you had not come along, who knows how long I would be stuck.” chirped Jewel while flying away. Chiiiieeerp Chiiiieeerp Chiiiieeerp Chiiiieeerp

Patience and Hope

As the trio continued their journey, they continued discussing OH-WeL's dilemma.

“OH-WeL, I don't know if I have ever told you this, but I really do like your feathers. You have such a lot of them and they have wonderful colors as well as shapes.”, said Robin.

“Oh, I don't know, I think they're kind of messy and not as pretty as all the other birds. Not to mention, they don't work as well as others.”, replied OH-WeL.

“Messy? Goodness no! I would never have described you as messy. Your feathers are unique to you, they are a part of you, again, making you, well again, you. Really quite lovely, I might mention.”, said Lavender.

Robin nodded in agreement while saying, “Yes, yes, well said Lavender.”

OH-WeL, turned to look at them both, with a look of surprise. “Oh, you are both very kind but I would never consider myself as lovely. My essence came from owl, pheasant and ducks. Have you seen how beautiful those birds are? I look nothing like them, let alone fly like any of them.” said OH-WeL.

Just as Robin was about to take a step and say something, Lavender shouted, “STOP! Don't step down!” Robin froze with one foot in the air. Looking slowly down, there sat two little beings, each about the size of a walnut. Robin froze and gently stepped back. They all bent over to see what was there.

Both little beings looked up and in a very tiny voice, one of them said, “Lavender, it is so good to see you and we are very thankful you saw us in time”

Lavender reached down and picked both little beings up, and turning, introduced them to Robin and OH-WeL. “I'd like you to meet Hope and Patience, two more of my very good friends. Patience and Hope, I'd like you to meet two other good friends, Robin and OH-WeL.”

Patience and hope were also Apple Gall Beings, having been created with the essence of snail, armadillo and walnuts. They were created at the same time by two different gall wasp and each egg lain on the same leaf.

Robin and OH-WeL reached out in greeting to each little being.

“Whatever are you doing on the pathway little ones?”, asked Lavender.

Patience replied, “We are headed to see “Romera The Wise” and it's taking us such a long time to get there. So we were hoping someone would come along and give us a ride, and here you are.”

“Yes, but if Lavender would not have seen you, you would have been stepped on!”, said Robin.

“Our names are Patience and Hope for a reason. We hoped if we waited patiently, someone would come along, as they always do, and this time you did. We never doubted it for a moment.” replied Hope.

With eyes wide open, OH-WeL looked at them both in complete surprise, “Oh, you weren't afraid you wouldn't be seen? You are rather small you know.”

“No, no, you see, one of our essence is from armadillo. Our shells are harder than any material found, it does not break. If you step on us, you'll hurt your foot.” Patience said with a smile.

Then to prove their point, both closed their shells around themselves, looking like tiny metal balls.

“That is amazing!”, said both Robin and OH-WeL at the same time.

Patience and Hope unrolled themselves in Lavender's palm, each smiling.

“Well, it looks like we have two more to go with us on this mission.”, said Lavender. Hope and Patience were gently set in Lavender's hair, for it was the safest place for them to ride, and off they went.

Romera The Wise

Having at last arrived at the home of “Romera The Wise”, the five travelers sat down before knocking on the door.

Lavender turned to OH-WeL and asked, “Do you know what it is you wish to ask Romera?”

OH-WeL took a few moments to reply and said, “Oh, I was going to ask Romera about my feathers, but I think I've changed my mind. I thought about what you and Robin said about liking my feathers and me the way I am, and well, no one has ever told me that before. So I think I like me too. I also see that it's OK to be different, I don't have to be like all the other birds.”

Both Lavender and Robin walked up to OH-WeL, giving big hugs.

“Oh, and what is really special about me is that I have such wonderful friends like you.”, said OH-WeL while hugging them back.

Lavender then knocked on “Romera The Wise's” door. They all stood back and waited. When at last the door opened, there stood “Romera The Wise”, as tall and majestic as ever.

“Hello, my dear ones, what a pleasant surprise to see all of you. This truly is a special occasion.”, said “Romera The Wise” with a bright smile.

“Hello “Romera The Wise”, we'd like to visit with you, if you are not to busy?”, asked Robin.

“Ah, that is so very kind. I am not busy at all. Please step in and stay for bit. You came at a perfect moment. I hope you like honey, for the bees have just dropped a fresh batch. And I would love to hear news of your homes and all those there”, said “Romera The Wise”.

And so it was, that Lavender, Robin, OH-WeL, Patience and Hope had a lovely visit with “Romera The Wise”, sharing news of home and eating lots of honey.

When at last it was time to leave, each hugged and thanked “Romera The Wise” for all the kind hospitality, not to mention that delicious honey.

Patience and Hope decided to stay a bit longer and so the three dear friends headed home. As they walked, they reminisced on this most wonderful day and having had such a wonderful adventure. So wonderful was their day, that not one could remember the reason for the trip in the first place.
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