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Pebbles the westie puppy has autumn fun with his friend Oberon the Puppy Tooth Fairy
It was a chilly autumn morning. Pebbles put his favourite red coat on and headed out for a walk in the woods. He hoped he would see his friend Oberon the puppy tooth fairy again today.

“Oberon, are you about?” Pebbles barked as he got to the enchanted tree.

There was a flurry of wings and Oberon landed next to Pebbles.

“I love your wings,” said Pebbles. “I wish I had some, then I could fly into trees chasing squirrels.”

“It will be the fairy autumn feast soon,” said Oberon. “I am busy getting ready. Would you like to help?”

“Sure, what are you doing?”

“My friend Jenny Wren is gathering some flowers to decorate my treehouse. I’m collecting the food.”

Pebbles licked his lips. “That sounds the best job. I know where there are some juicy apples, come on.”

“Oh my,” Oberon said when he saw the orchard. “There are so many yummy apples to choose from. I need to sample them all to find which are THE BEST for the autumn feast.”

After lots of apple nibbling, Oberon selected a heap of the nicest crunchy apples to bring to the feast. He and Pebbles took them back to the tree where Jenny Wren was waiting.Oberon inspected the colourful flowers that she had gathered.

“What a lovely array,” Oberon said. “Now we need to get them to my treehouse.”

Oberon and Jenny Wren flew off carrying the flowers and Pebbles dashed after them as fast as his puppy paws could go lugging the apples. “I do wish I had wings to fly as fast as them,” he panted.

Oberon and Jenny Wren arranged the flowers around the door of the treehouse.

“Perfect,” Oberon said.

Pebbles squeezed into the tree and rolled the apples onto Oberon’s table ready for the feast.

Pebbles found it hard to get back out the front door in his coat.

“I can hardly get through that door,” he told Oberon.

“It must be because you ate so many apples,” Oberon said.

“No, it’s because I’m a growing puppy. That’s why I lost my puppy teeth,” Pebbles said.

“I am a growing puppy too,” Oberon said. “My nose gets longer overnight.”

“That is because you tell lies like Pinnocchio,” Pebbles said. “It was you that I saw munching apples, not me!”

“Well, they’re scrumptious,” Oberon said, waving goodbye to Pebbles as he disappeared back into his treehouse. “Make sure you come back tomorrow for the autumn feast, Pebbles. There will be pumpkin biscuits and chicken and rice pupcakes!”

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