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Bert is small yet fallen in love with Chelsea. He can't speak.
"Oh hello! Do you want to say something?" Chelsea asked as Bert handed over a piece of paper. Then she read it out loud. "'Hello, I'm Bert. I'm interested in inviting you to dinner sometime. What time would work for you?' I'm Chelsea. Tomorrow evening would work perfectly. What's your address?"

Bert then pulled out a notebook and pen and opened up to a fresh page. Excited, he started writing down his address. His pen ink blopped on the page, messing up the address and bleeding through onto the next page as well. Frustrated, he tore out that page and crumpled it up. Then he did the same with the next page. The third page was the charm, so he raised his pen to write down his address once more. This time his pen worked like a charm too. After the address he wrote down his phone number and by it asked for text only. Then he tore out the page and handed it to her.

"Wow, your handwriting is really neat. Okay, I'll be there. Now, there's one thing that's missing in this picture. I haven't heard you speak once. Can you do sign language? Not that I can read sign language anyway," Chelsea said excitedly. She caressed his soft hand.

Excited, Bert then signaled yes in sign language. Chelsea signaled only a little bit right back. Smiling, they both connected to each other as they had something in common. Then they started communicating to each other in sign language and Chelsea kept on stumbling a lot. Despite her drawbacks she never gave up learning sign language with him.

Prompt: Language of Love
Word Count: 270
Contest: "The Weekly Quickie Contest
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