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A creation for Love and Compassion
At the edge of an ancient forest, apart from the many other trees, stood a mighty oak. This oak was very old and had grown very tall, majestic and strong. The many birds, insects and living creatures of the forest had give the mighty oak the name of “Compassion”. This name was given out of love for Compassion is exactly what was given all through the mighty oaks life.

One of the many insects who lived it's entire life on Compassion, was an Oak Apple Wasp. Having only a two year life span, these wasp would spend their short time with the same mighty oak to where it was born. The Oak Apple wasp's birth was unique and like no other. The parent wasp would insert an egg into the veins of a newly growing oak leaf, the chemical reaction between the newly inserted egg, along with the new forming leaf, created a phenomenon, which became known as an apple gall. The apple gall was hard on the outside and light and airy on the inside, with the larvae growing in the core of the gall. Over the many months, this larvae grew into a full adult, and it would eat it's way out when fully developed. The completion would usually be in the months from May to July. The adult wasp would emerge from the apple gall and fly out only to begin the cycle once again.

One winter, a seed was dropped at the base of Compassion's trunk. Like so many other seeds, Compassion gave it no notice. The first month there seemed to be no life from this new seed. The second month, Compassion began to feel something wrapping itself around Its roots, and saw a tiny green shoot was coming from the seed. It watched over the new seed very carefully, for now It was quite intrigued. By the third month, It began to notice this tiny plant had grown quite a bit, sprouting many branches with lots of leaves as it continued growing taller with each day. Not long after, red buds began emerging from the end of each branch. Compassion was so excited, for it had never been this close to another plant before! As the new plant continued to grow taller, It felt there were more and more roots wrapping and intertwined around Its own many roots, they had to be coming from this new, not so little, plant.

There was a comfort Compassion felt as those roots held on tight. The plant continued growing incredibly fast, faster than any other plant It had ever seen. By the fourth month, the new plant had grown half way up Compassion's trunk and was filled with many, many, branches, each covered with lots of delicate leaves and buds. Soon Its trunk could not be seen because of all this beautiful plant.

To Compassion's amazement, and surprise, something wonderful had also began happening. Through the roots, It found a way to speak with this new plant. It had learned the new plant's name was Love. Love told Compassion It had come from a family of rose named Velvet Blood. A family considered very old, rare, exotic and beautiful. It was one of only a few remaining roses of this type left in the world.

Within weeks the buds opened with the most prodigious, and beautiful burgundy roses. Compassion saw for the first time just how beautiful Love truly was. From that moment on, It did all It could to protect Love. When the deer tried to eat the delicate leaves, Compassion would gently ask them to leave. When aphids threatened to destroy the new buds, Compassion called for ladybugs to clear them away. Love grew taller and taller yet, continually wrapping Itself completely around and around Compassion's trunk all the way to the highest of Its branches. And so this went on for many a year. A tremendous oak wrapped in a rare and beautiful rose.

As time went on, Love and Compassion spent their time discussing every possible topic, each intrigued with the other's thoughts. Their love for each other grew, making them a beautiful site to behold. Their union had not gone unnoticed by all around them, this was especially true for the Oak Apple Wasps had been watching with much admiration. When it came time for the Queen of the Oak Apple Wasp to lay her egg, she gathered the other wasps around her and proposed presenting a special gift to Love and Compassion for all they had done for themselves and the many other creatures of the ancient woods. All agreed, this would be a truly wonderful gift

And so it was that when the time was right, the Queen flew to one of Love's open roses and rolled in it's essence. She then flew onto one of Compassion's new forming leaves and inserted her egg. She then encased the precious larvae with the essence from Love's rose. When done, she flew down to the root base between Love and Compassion, and she spoke to them.

“Dear Love and Compassion”, the queen began, you have given so selflessly as well as generously to all other life around you, you have been true to your names. For this, we, the Oak Apple Wasps, have gathered, and decided to give you a special gift in return.” She then proceeded to tell of the egg she had laid on one of Compassion's new leafs.

Love and Compassion could not believe this wonderful gift had been bestowed upon them and thanked the Queen profusely. The Queen, at the end of her life, then burrowed into their roots. They covered the Queen with more tiny roots for her final resting place.

Love and Compassion found the branch, and leaf, where the gifted larvae lay. They each began to cover the little treasured gift with more leaves and branches, keeping it protected from falling, from birds, from just about anything that might possibly endanger this wonderful gift. They could barely contain their joy and anticipation.

At last, on June 21rst , after many months, on the day of Summer Solstice, the excitement culminated and spread throughout. All other creatures and beings knew of the gift, news had spread far and wide. All had been staying close to Love and Compassion, waiting for the special moment. The Gall had grown quite large, and all could see that whatever was under the leaves was about to emerge, for there was quite a bit of movement. Birds, insects and creatures of all types gathered closer, each hoping to get a glimpse of this new being.

Suddenly, all went quite and there was complete silence. Those who could see watched as each leaf, which had been wrapped around the gifted creature, began to fall one by one. When the last leaf fell, a head covered with many red, pink and orange glittery rose buds lifted. Next emerged It's arms, which were delicate little oak twigs, with hands of rambutans. All could see It was a girl, and as she stood tall on her feet of liquid amber seeds. There were many awes and oohs, for she was quite beautiful.

Love and Compassion watched as this elegant creature, stretched out her slender arms towards the skies. She stood quite tall, yet was a bit wobbly. She slowly opened her eyes, and her first sight was that of Love and Compassion. With wonder in her voice, she spoke, saying one simple word, “Hello!”

Compassion gently lifted the new arrival up with one of Its branches, and then set her down on one of Love's leaves. They both embraced their new gift and she them. Love spoke first saying, “Welcome to our wonderful world little one,we have been patiently waiting for you. I am Love and this is Compassion.”, as It pointed up to the many oak apple wasps sitting on the branches. “You were created by the queen of the Oak Apple Wasps, with the essence from both of Compassion and I. You are their gift to us and to this world.”

The new being looked at them both, then up to the many creatures surrounding them, and smiled. It was said that, when she smiled, the love flowing from this new being could be felt radiating throughout the entire tree.

“I think we shall call you Rose, if you don't mind?” as Love looked at the new arrival and then up to Compassion. “What a beautiful name.”, they both replied. And so it was that Rose had her name.

As time went on, everyone visited and played with Rose as much as possible. She loved everyone and everything and was dearly loved by all. She had become quite fearless, learning to run, jump, unafraid of the many wonders of her new world. With time, the Oak Apple Wasp could see how nice it would be for Rose to have companions similar to herself, and so they began to gather pollen or essence from the many surrounding flowers, trees and creatures. There were so many different types of flowers, trees, birds, even other insects to gather from. They would then find a new budding leaf on Compassion's branches, lay their eggs, covering each with whatever essence they had gathered, and new beings were created.

Each June or July, everyone would come to greet the new arrivals, each welcoming them into their new world. A ceremony began at these greetings. Rose would be standing on Compassion's tallest branch and tell the story of her own arrival and why she came to be, why the apple gall community had came to be. It had all begun from the power of Love and Compassion.

Compassion would then set the new arrival on one of Love's flowers to be covered in Its essence. When done, Love would then bestow a name on the new arrival and a celebration would begin.
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