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The Supreme High One discovers a kindred secret
                             Chapter Twenty-Three

147 Cycles P.E

         I believe that Tra originally met an exiled Hydranousian many cycles ago. When the meeting occurred, the Tra did not know what to think of the Hydranousian except they were different. The exiled Hydranousian saw an opportunity to take advantage of the Tra, to exploit their willingness to take the Hydranousian in. Either through manipulation or an actual desire to aid in the Tra's evolution, the Hydranousian began to treat the Tra as individuals and taught them our language and customs. In return, the Tra taught them their language, customs, and weapon advancement. Knowing our history, the Tra may have been sent to invade or assassinate any Hydranousians they encountered so the secret of the Tra was kept from the petty politics of our people.

         That is until you came here. It is apparent the other Hydranousians who came here before you were deemed a being reborn, where the title 'Reincarnated Chosen' came from.

         Eternity heard what the Supreme High One was telling her, but she was not paying attention. Her mind was resisting the new conversations and background noise she was hearing. A few Hydranousian knew someone new had entered the Collective and began reaching out to her.

         Are you a new adult? I do not recognize your mind. Can you hear me? I see you are learning how to discern separate background talking to focus on the important information. How can I assist? Would you like me to send additional conversations so you can practice more? With that, more conversations were added to Eternity's already overburdened mind.

         Another person who remembered her sent a message, Eternity? Is that you? I can not tell because your mind is so chaotic. And loud. From what I can remember, you had much more control before you were silenced and exiled to the North Quadrant. Did the Supreme High One give you back your voice in the Collective? If not, how did you get it back? Did it just appear or was it gradual?

         Make it stop. Make it stop! I can not focus on anything because there is too much. Please.

         The Supreme High One commented, Eternity when I Silenced you, you begged for the Silence to end so you could hear the Collective. Now, after giving your voice in the Collective back to you, you want me to take it away. Why? Do you not want to be One in the Collective?

         Nearly shouting, I don't care about the Collective or being part of it. I can see how it took away from my own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It takes me away from myself. Please, Supreme High One, please have mercy on me. I was angry and blinded by what you did to me. I did not see it was not a curse, but as salvation. I was finally able to think on my own, not worry about what my thoughts were, and answer only to the Tra and, most importantly, myself.

         The Supreme High One was speechless. This was not the outcome he was expecting. While he had no intent on giving her powers back, it did not dawn on him she would want to be Silenced again. Was it a punishment if someone wanted to have themself Silenced?

         I will grant your request on one condition. The Supreme High One said.

         Yes, of course. Anything. Agreed Eternity without thinking of the consequences of her decision.

         You must recall your troops from their assassination attempts. I am tired of the killing taking place on both sides. You must refrain from sending any back out after I leave. If you send even one scouting party, I will give you back your voice and amplify it.

         Yes, yes, I agree. You will never see or hear from me or the Tra again, she then called over three scouts and spoke with them. They spoke in the Tras native tongue. After they left, Eternity turned and faced the Supreme High One again. There, I have sent the Tra riding Glos to bring the others back home. Give them twenty Relffs. Now, will you take away the noise?

         Yes, let's get this done.

         As the Supreme High One entered into Eternity's mind to block all contact with the Collective and from all other Hydranousians, he saw the same blocked-off piece of information he saw before. Instead of entering the blocked-off information, he would question her about this.

         Before I Silence you, I wish to know what is behind your barrier. It is a small piece of information and I do not wish to break your final barrier because I, now, believe you are not holding something that could ruin our way of governing. It appears personal information. However, I wish to be sure.

         You haven't looked at it yet? I thought for sure you would have looked at it when you Silenced me the first time. Yes, I will share the memory with you. She turned and completely faced the Supreme High One and began her tale.

         When I first began learning the Tras language, there were many words the Hydranousians do not have, so the meanings were difficult to understand. Two such words were 'Poppa' and 'Munma'. The best way to explain this quickly would be by comparing how Hydranousians created appendages twice in their lifetime. For us, it is an unconscious process. Our bodies determine when a new life is created. Because we are Out of Phase when it occurs, we do not even know what the appendage looks like.

         For the Tra, the process is much different. The Mumma and the Poppa mate, or are joined together, for their adult lives. Together, they create several Young Ones every other cycle for five to six cycles. These Young Ones learn directly from their Mumma and Poppa as well as the community within the Clan.

         What you are telling me is that the Tra are more advanced with how the Young Ones are created and taught because they live in a society that treats the Young Ones as special beings. Why does it take so long for them to learn? Are they deficient?

         No, they are small and weak when they are born. That is another term that is different from how Hydranousians are created, Eternity stated, the Young Ones are treated with care and concern. The Hydranousian's Young Ones, after detachment, are left on their one with the expectation of they are tutored by an Old One and then, after a cycle or two, become adults, ready or not.

         The Supreme High One interjected, So, what I hear is the Tra young ones are better treated, are taught by Mumma and Poppa, and are with them longer than a cycle. You believe the Tras young are better off than the Hydranousians young. Is that a correct statement?

         Most definitely. If you would spend about 10 cycles here, you would witness that. But you have obligations elsewhere. You need to go. As I promised, the Tra will no longer be in your lands or terminating your Elders. You have Silenced me once more and for that, I am grateful.

         Now I will share what is behind my barrier. When I was created as an appendage, and received my final color, I broke off from my creator. Before I left, I wanted to see who my creator was and thank them for creating me after leaving their Out of Phase replenishment.

         Is that who you are hiding? Why would you hold something so common as someone Out of Phase a secret?

         Because, Supreme High One, the one who was my creator Silenced me so many cycles ago.

         The Supreme High One was speechless. He could not be her creator. She was one of the most notorious criminals and she came from him. He made the one person who held him in a cage, outwitted him, and silenced him from his powers. She was in complete control until that strange being in the viewing window rescued him.

         Eternity confessed I was angry. I came from a Supreme High One, yet I was not of the same color. It was not fair that I was not destined to rule the people. When I was being tutored, I was quick to catch on to what was being taught. I was always one jump ahead of the Old One. When she wanted me to slow down to her pace of tutoring, I left.

         I watched you. I listened to whatever I could from you and about you. I saw you picked weak Elders to be with you. I knew it was because you wanted to keep tabs on what they did and how they treated the Hydranousians. I saw how you treated others who broke the rules. I knew I was better than them. All were weak in powers or character.

         Now we are here. We are not friends, even if you are my poppa. We are the leaders of our respective tribes. Maybe someday we can open trade with you. More time needs to pass before I allow Hydranousians to freely mix with my people.

         It is time for you to leave. I will have the Tras follow you until you have reached your borders. Keep your people away from here

         With that, Eternity turned and walked away. The Supreme High One began walking home.

         Poppa, wait.

         The Supreme High One stopped and turned around.

         Before you leave. I would like to ask you something. A boon, if you will.

         The Supreme High One responded, what possibly could you want from me after all that had transpired between us?

         I would like you to come back to visit me. Knowing you are my poppa makes me want to get to know you better.

         What trickery is this? More assault plans. Trying to lure me back?

         No, I swear. I discovered I miss my own people. I did enjoy talking with you at times.

         The Supreme High One could not detect any deceit within Eternity, only sincerity. He was uncertain if this was something he wanted to do. It would, however, be able to keep tabs on her.

         I will think about it. If I do come back, I expect to be treated as a guest, not as a prisoner. I may or may not have a pupil with me. If I do, you must not advise them of our relationship.

         Agreed. Until we meet again, farewell, poppa.

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