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A political resurgence now felt - a poem.
Portentous loops can be seen
On that timeless, reconnoitered renaissance -
A skipping needle refusing to play
A 33 or 45…
A slip-slide-y cloud, with no peaks -
And a scaled-down version of that meticulous
And specialized plan…

Streamers and silver tassels
May extend the verity;
The maximum ridge of focused clarity…
The generational gaps in this era
Processed by our citizenry…

Happiness sets a wreath
On every street lamp
And denizen’s doorway…

Our president claims that
There’s a threat of nuclear war,
And that the opposition is willing to negotiate,
To instill peace in the region…
Lowering energy and heating costs
In mid-flight…

Then we venture ultimatums
Toward unbalanced, radical producers
Of oil and gas who hold us to a mirror…
And assert that nations are destroying
Our planet with carbon and methane irritants,
And not seeing how serious
We could be…

And our visible enemy’s invasion
Of that rich island nation
Which produces the majority
Of our semiconductors
Remains unsolved…

The global realm of conceivable truths pertains;
Peachy, golden sun rays extricate the gloom -

And humanity shall now lean on the key concerns
Of the modern day…

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