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A book I once tried to get published including positive affirmations.
         Hello everyone. I once tried getting something published based on positive sayings I either heard from someone that said it throughout my life or came up with myself. It didn’t get published and was rejected as an idea to get published for a book. It could’ve been a small coffee table book with a photo on each page with one of these statements on each page. So I’ll share it maybe on a daily basis here and elsewhere online.

Here’s one: Start off your day positively with a smile and your day should end the same way.

With anything negative a positive can be found if you look for what’s positive and it will be revealed to you. Unknown author

Every book has a positive treasure to be found within its pages for what’s positive and it will be revealed, true knowledge is the best treasure of all.

You don’t have to avoid your fears, face them. You will ultimately be empowered this way and focus on what’s good in your life instead. This could help you overcome all in your life helping you ultimately become stronger to succeed in your life. You will be able to accomplish doing anything and good can flow positively your way to you naturally.

Looking for what’s good and positive in my life helped attract and create a better life.

Better paths opened for me after deciding to look life through positive eyes instead of negative ones.

Group therapy in my past has helped me in a more positive way. It made me realize that I am a good, kind and intelligent individual that has a lot to offer others. The group members were helped by me and I helped them. This brought even more good to others including myself which was great.

Every individual is a true gem. Never believe anyone that tells you that you’re “nothing,” because each and everyone one of us is something, even if it’s only one thing. We’re all from the same Creator, that’s “EVERYTHING!”

Have a wonderful day/night everyone!

Lady in America

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