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by John
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Matthew meets Joe on his way to Misty's house for a deserved rest.
Chapter Twenty-Six


         Matthew stopped flying for a moment. He momentarily forgot where he was going and what he was doing. It was as if he had fallen asleep. He decided he needed to get home, eat something, and get earned sleep after he was done with this.

         As Matthew flew toward the open space on the ground, he noticed a sports utility vehicle parked in the clearing. He didn't see anyone in the clearing standing there waiting for him. That meant they could have been still in the vehicle or hiding. He was too tired to play hide-and-go-seek so he just landed by the car.

         "About time you got here," a familiar voice said from within the car, "been waiting for over an hour."

         "Joe? Is that you? Joe!" Matthew about rips the door off the hinge opening getting to his friend and hugging him.

         "Take it easy," Joe exclaims, "we're not all made like a Leopard 2A7 Battle Tank or can take explosions and shrug them off."

         "I thought you would be halfway to Alaska by now, or at least out of the state. Change your mind?"

         "I did. I called in a few favors, changed my name, got a new address, got an appointment for a face job, and voila," spreading his arms wide, " and a new face to go with a new me. I am going to lay low while this is all going on. Do you think Misty can fit me in with you staying there?"

         "Well, she does have a basement room, not in use. I can't get down there because of my size, I stay in the living room on the floor. Want me to call her?"

         "Could you? I sure would appreciate it. I can pay until my new place is ready."

         "Sure. Let me call her now. I should have called her before now. She has to be worried sick. She has to think I am dead."

         Matthew dialed up Misty using Joe's phone.
         Misty answers. Misty had been crying. "Hello, Joe. Have you heard about dad? They can't find him. Have you heard from him? They don't know where he is. There is no news about him. I am worried sick about him."

         "Misty, this is dad. I am ok. Nothing happened to me. I am fine. I didn't get hurt. I am with Joe just outside of town."

         "Dad? Dad, you're alive?" Misty breaks down and begins to cry again. Soon she is sobbing uncontrollably. Matthew waits. He knows what is going to be next. After about five minutes of crying, Misty begins to talk. "Why haven't you called? Why didn't you come home? Where are you? Didn't you think we would be worried about you? I saw you get blown up on television, along with all the crooks. They say you went crazy and took them with you because their leader was too smart. Are you hurt? Please talk to me. Are you coming home?"

         "Misty. I am fine. I am not hurt. The crooks are not dead they're all, all of them, have been turned over to the police and are under arrest. No one got hurt. I would have called earlier but I honestly have been very busy up until now. I know you had to be very worried about me and I called as soon as I was able. I came across Joe by accident. Speaking of Joe, he is coming back. Long story. However, he needs a temporary place to stay and he was wondering if he could stay in your basement room until his operation. I will let him explain."

         "Yeah, sure. Of course, he can stay as long as he needs to. How soon will you be here?"

         "I will be there within a couple of minutes, Joe will be there within half an hour, as he has to drive. Just keep the garage door open for me. Oh, order eight large pizzas with everything and use my card. Order you, the girls, and Joe something too."

         Matthew knew tonight he would be able to relax with his family and his best friend. it was a well-deserved rest.

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