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Beginning his new life as an Old One.
Chapter Twenty-Seven

Old One

0 - 300 Cycles A.E.

          Once inside, the Old One began his search for the strange place, the color of One with the Planet. He remembered how he got there before and retraced his steps. Soon, he saw the place. He began to look closer by increasing the use of his built-up essence. By doing this, he managed to get closer to the place the color of One with the Planet. He first noticed there were no small colored lights around it. He focused more on the emptiness. The closer he became, the more uneasiness he felt.

         Such an odd feeling, he thought. He soon recognized he had felt this way before. As he joined someone entering One with the Planet, he felt uneasiness with them, then calm, and then nothing. He reinforced his barriers, then moved again. Here, however, instead of calm, the uneasiness grew. He sensed he was still extremely far away; however, he noticed what looked like a hole in the planet, much like a Meebee burrow, but immensely larger.

         He was confused at first. There appeared to be no solid substance around the hole. So how could there be a hole in emptiness?

         He still could not feel any conscious or unconscious activity within the hole.

         He began to feel something he had felt before the unfortunate Hydranousians disappeared. He instantly became alarmed. Was he going to be unmade like the others? He needed to fortify his barriers and leave.

         Before he could do that, he felt a wave hit him as if it were a wave of liquid eterinite but nothing was there. He abruptly severed the link and reversed his flow back to the cave. As he went, he wondered if the hole eliminated the wave and why was he still there.

         When he opened his eyes, he discovered an alarming change. The once clean cave was now littered with rocks, bone beasts who were One with the Planet, and lots of dust. He was covered in many layers of dust. He noticed the liquid eterinite dropping was gone. He also noticed something very odd. The Collective seemed larger as if more individuals were supplying him with essence.

         He stood up and experienced sharp pains in his back, hips, and shoulders. He began walking toward the hole in the wall leading outside slowly. He used a little essence to relieve the pain, but the stiffness remained.

         Once out, he saw a change in his surroundings. He saw the liquid eterinite was gone and there were bushes and trees now around the hole in the mountain. The suns were the same, though it looked like a season had passed.

         As he began to walk away, he noticed what appeared to be a trail leading to the distance. Why didn't he notice it before? He must have been concentrating on the hole in the mountain and liquid eterinite.

         He decided to follow it. Hopefully, it would lead to a small village with liquid eterinite.

         After walking a great distance, he spied on what looked like a village. He bolstered his endurance and began walking faster. As he drew near the village, he noticed it had many Out of Phase retreats. He also noticed more dwellings than he anticipated. When he was almost upon the village, he now knew it was a city.

         When he entered, instead of blending in, he became noticed and was soon visited by several of the locals.

         Hello Old One, began a citizen, you have come a long way to be here. How are your reserves? Would you like to refresh yourself in one of many liquid eterinite pools or ponds?

         While he did not need to replenish his reserves, he agreed. That is a wonderful suggestion. I would very much like to refresh myself.

         Good. Afterward, we would like to speak with you regarding an offer. I am sorry, I am called Dewis.

         Well met, Dewis. I look forward to your offer. Can you please direct me to the liquid eterinite?

         I can do better. I will take you there myself. Please, follow me.

         By using his connection to the Collective, he knew what the offer would be. They recently lost an Old One and needed to replace her. He searched the memories of some of the locals to determine where he was and the date. He was unaware of this city.

         After a short probe, he was shocked to find out this city has been around for three hundred cycles. It started as a camp, became a village, and once people became aware of it, it became a city.

         Three hundred cycles. That could not be right. As the Supreme High One, he was aware of all villages and cities. This is new to him.

         At this time, he remembered the wave that hit him when he was looking at the place with the color of One with the Planet. He remembered having the passing feeling of vertigo then nothing. Is this what the disappeared one felt?

         We are here, Old One. I will await you here to discuss the offer.

         Thank you, Dewis. I will return when my reserves have replenished.

         As he walked into the dwelling, it instantly became cool with the smell of fresh liquid eterinite. He entered the pool and sat down. It came up to his shoulders and when he laid back, it reached his neck. He decided this was much more comfortable than most of the pools he had visited before. It was like his private pool in the palace.

         He then set his mind to searching for more information regarding this city and its citizens. By reading their thoughts, he became aware that this city, called Megatopulus, was deemed second to the area the palace is in. He also found out there still wasn't a Supreme High One yet. Of course not. As long as he is alive, another Supreme High One will not be created. He probed into this to see what the people thought. He found it was common knowledge the reason no Supreme High One had not been born was that the Elders were governing well.

         He broadens his search within the Collective to find an Elder. He soon found one and began to probe. He instantly found a link to the other Elders. It was buried so others would not be able to see into it. He discovered the Elders were very worried about the absence of a Supreme High One to the point of panic. It had been over three hundred-fifty cycles since the last one disappeared.

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