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The Defender wants to discuss his working arrangements, but someone wants him tracked
Chapter Twenty-Eight


         There is no place on earth he can go where a seven-foot-tall, grey-skinned, super-being can live without being noticed. He will be put into dangerous situations like he was in a week ago where life or death decisions will need to be made all the time. He did that already, years ago while in the military.

         He wasn't afraid for himself. He had family, a daughter, and two little granddaughters to worry about. He had a friend who wanted to move on and have an uneventful life. He had lost one friend to his new lifestyle; he didn't want to lose more.

         It could be argued he could simply go to the Federal government and become a full-time hero. His fear of that was being turned into a weapon, with refusal out of the question. On the flip side, he may be able to help more people during natural disasters.

         Another thought, go to the United Nations and offer his services before the Federal Government could find him or track him down. However, would he also be used as a weapon or used in Police Actions?

         He could just stay invisible and stay in his daughter's house.

         He knew he needed to make a call before it was made up for him. He brought out the phone that linked him to Captain Ventz. After the first ring, it was answered.          


         "Yes, it's me. I have to speak with you. In-person. It is rather important regarding our working arrangement."

         "Sure. How soon do you want to meet and where? You want to meet somewhere in the forest again or downtown, or your hideout?"

         "Oh, hey yeah. Let me just give you all my data so you can hold all that over me. And if I had any weaknesses, we can hold a press conference and discuss that in a round table format. Are you busy in ten minutes? Go to your roof and wait for me there. Make sure you are alone. No wait, bring your second in command, the more the merrier. I will be there waiting."

         With that, the Defender hung up the phone, advised Misty and Joe where he was going and why, turned invisible and flew to the top of the police station, and waited. He did not have long to wait as two individuals soon came out of the roof entrance door. One was Captain Ventz and the other was an officer the Defender did not recognize. As soon as they shut the door, the Defender made himself visible. The two officers saw him and walked over to him.

         "Were you already up here when you made the call?" asked Captain Ventz.

         "No, I was about twenty miles out of town. I flew in."

         "That's quite the speed you have there. Good thing you weren't driving." Ventz trying to add a joke to cut the tension. "Anyway, this is my second in command, Lieutenant Urad.

          Upon hearing his name, Lieutenant Urad, saluted the Defender, "Honor to meet you, Sir." He then extended his hand to shake the Defender's hand while patting his opposite shoulder with his other hand. A rather exuberant hello.

          "You called the meeting, Defender, what did you what to inform us?"

          "Yes. I wanted to discuss my future with your department. Actually, with the whole city. I have been thinking if it would be a greater good by going to the Federal Government or the United Nations to see if they could use my services. During the most recent hostage/bomb scare, I was pushed to do things I had not even imagined I could do. But I did, plus much more. However, I don't want to leave you after helping. It seems my name and reputation brought the last criminal here solely to test me. He didn't care who was hurt or killed. I can't live knowing that could happen again without me here."

          "First, that is very admiral of you to worry about us if you were to leave. Shows character. Second, seeing how fast you can fly or run, I don't think the distance would be an obstacle you couldn't overcome easily. Thirdly, we can and will survive without you. We did so before you came along and will do so if and when you leave."

          "I am glad you see it that way." The Defender then handed over the telephone the captain had provided. "I won't be needing this anymore then. I am going to wrap up loose ends here and then make my way to the United Nations and Federal Government. It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you the best.'

          Before Captain Ventz could respond, the Defender took off from the rooftop and flew north until he was out of sight. Turned invisible, went back to the rooftop, to see if they were still there, and then flew to Misty's house, into the garage, and shut the door.

          Lieutenant Urad hurried into Captain Ventz's office. "We caught him, sir. We caught the maggot where he nests."

          "Who? What are you talking about? I didn't order any traces placed on anyone."          

         "You didn't. I Did. We found where the Defender lives and we are sending our Special Weapons and Tactics ("S.W.A.T.") Teams, air cover, and bomb control to his residence. The estimated time of arrival is ten minutes.

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