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With the Old One's tutoring, the young ones need to trust their own instincts
Chapter Thirty-One

Trust Yourself

450 A.E.

         The Young One continued, I don't see the need to know these things. I can find the information from the Collective when the time comes.

         Even though you are too young to contact the Collective, I will show you why you should learn from a tutor or do your own research , With that, the Old One opened the Young One's mind.

         You are now with me as we contact the Collective with your questions. Ask.

         The Young One began. Who is the Afflicted One?

         The Afflicted One are those you ignore.

         No, the Afflicted One are those who crave too much power and catch a disease because of it.

         Both are wrong. They are the citizens who go Out of Phase.

         What? Out of Phase? Very wrong. They are those who have become One with the Planet because they were too old.

         Old One, which of these are correct?

         None answered correctly.

         Do you mean all of them were wrong? Who are the Afflicted Ones?

         There exists a condition that may cause us to go into madness. It affects our use of mental abilities. Our thoughts can be uncontrollable and disconnected. After this happens, the others in the Collective stop feeding the Afflicted One's energy and ignore the Afflicted One. This causes a conscious depression to the point of self-termination. The lifeless body would be taken to liquid eterinite to become One with the Planet.

         Asking the Collective for an answer is to get their personal beliefs. As you heard, there are many beliefs. To those, their answer is correct. You would eventually get a correct answer. Who would you believe if you didn't know the truth?

         What is your next question?

         Why can't I touch the Collective anymore? The Young One asked.

         It is because I am no longer connected with you. What is your question about our subjects?

         Well, since you asked," the Young One responded, "I also don't understand what the hierarchy is about. It is confusing to me.

         Our hierarchy is based on the different colors of our prism bodies, he began. The rarest color is called, Highest Peak of the Mountain, gray. For example, if one of us was the color Ground Shake, violet, as compared to the color of the Sound of Running Liquid Eterinite, the former would be below the latter. The Young One changes color often before the final color right before the appendage falls off creating a new Young One. The color of the Highest Peak of the Mountain becomes the Supreme High One, the ruler of our lives.

         Where do you rank, if I may inquire?

         My color is not rare. Many have the color of the Hole of a MeeBee. I am slotted as an Old One as I have been around for a long time. explained the Old One,

         What is your next concern? asked the Old One.

         Well, I don't understand what an old pupil told me about time going backward. She explained, that I didn't understand.

         That, my pupil, is an excellent question. Do not be ashamed in asking questions.

         There is a theory that states Time could jump forward, backward, or completely stop. All life would not feel these changes because a new reality would be written. It would be as if our original history never happened. When reality moves forward, all memories leading to that moment are gone: present reality is all that exists. Because of this, time and reality changes were never noticed.

         Throughout our history, the planet and its inhabitants would experience the pull from the place called the color One with the Planet. Because of the pull of both our suns and the distance of the place of the color One with the Planet, time anomalies frequently occur. We do not know how, though.

         Let me get this straight. Everyone on our planet experiences time anomalies, or shifts in time, right?


         So, if that happened now, I could be erased or forward a cycle. Would it also make me not know what happened? asked Bzebulite.

         Correct again. You are learning well. If time-shifted forward, backward, or just changes reality itself, it could have large-scale consequences. Whole villages or cities would be erased. They would simply cease to have existed and no one would know.

          Enough of theories, let's move on. Our collective power allows us to create dwellings and the Out of Phase retreats using rare power crystals from the crystal mines. The most potent of all crystals were Smell of Silence, Sound of the Suns, and Vision of Forever.

          With the combined energies of the Collective and crystals, we can even open one-way dimensional windows to other planets and realms. We can observe the individual planets to gain knowledge that is useful to become a stronger society.

          Do you have any other concerns? the Old One questioned.

          Yes, what happened to the old Supreme High One? It is said he disappeared. If he was hit with the anomalie, how would we know he disappeared? You said everyone would have forgotten.

          It would be impossible for us to remember the Supreme High One's disappearance if the anomalies occurred.

          Then what happened to him? The Young One asked.

          That is a mystery unsolved. Long ago, the Elders proclaimed the Supreme High One became One with the Planet.

          No one has asked the Elders what happened to him if he did not become One with the Planet. Why?"

          More good questions. Always search for the truth. Because the proclamation came from the Elders, it is forbidden to question them because they use the Collective's power to discern the truth.


          Because the Supreme High One hand-picked his successors after careful scrutinization and a complete examination of their thoughts.

          It is my turn to ask you a question, the Old One whispered. Even knowing that, is it acceptable to question what happened?

          Yes, because as you said, you need to find the truth behind the question.

          Excellent, you have passed today's session with a perfect score.

          The Old One quickly probed the Young One's mind. He was searching for deceit. Did she truly believe by searching for the truth, all questions can be answered? You just need to ask the right questions. The Old One went deeper into her subconscious to see if there were any outside influences. In the process, he saw insecurities regarding her graduation into adulthood. She believed she was not ready, to be sent into the world and the Collective.

          Before you leave, I want you to know you are one of the brightest pupils I have taught. You need to trust that you are ready. We can discuss this more before the end of your tutelage. I will not forget.

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